About LatinxVC

LatinxVC is a group of experienced venture investors focused on growing and supporting the Latinx venture capital ecosystem. We aim to grow the number of Latinx professionals in venture capital, help Latinx venture investors grow their careers and network, and increase the dollars flowing to Latinx venture investors.

About the Program

Our 8-week program is designed to prepare participants for a successful role as an Analyst, Associate, and Senior Associate at a Venture Capital firm. The program is designed to help equip Latinx candidates with the tools and community that they need to break into the venture capital industry.

Who is this program for?

What will you learn?

We are partnering with incredible investors and organizations for our classes. You will learn the day-to-day of an investor, build your skillset (modeling, evaluating, diligence), learn to source, how to identify great companies, how to build conviction, and, of course, VC recruiting and how to stand out in the application process.

What will our Fellow class have in common?

⭐️ Who have been our instructors?